It’s scientific: kids need not just two parents but a mother and father.

In recent decades fathers have become both an “optional extra” for single-mother households and the “essential second parent” in middle-class families where the mother is in the workforce. But is i...

Give your child the gift of hard, tedious obligations.

In August, Treasurer Scott Morrison warned that “Australia has a generation growing up expecting government handouts”.

Researchers have labelled this the “Me Generation”. Some even say we are facing a “me, me, me epi...

Parents must become a better resource than others available to their children. 

Parents raising children today are internet savvy and well able to keep up with their kids in this area. Right? Wrong. A recent survey by the Pew Research Centre in the US shows that "only 6...

Accepting authority is virtuous, but not all authorities are equal.

As children approach their adolescent years, they sometimes revert to their terrible twos as they exert their independence and question our authority. This becomes an important time to work on the third...

Age-appropriate goals for instilling an important virtue. 

In the first of two articles mother of five, Mary Cooney, talks about what can be expected of young children.

As we strive to develop the virtue of obedience in our children, we need to keep in mind that the purp...


Parenting is inherently hard work.  What are practical principles of parenting that can guide us in the demanding but rewarding work of raising children of character?


A mother whose daughter attends a private high school recounted a conversation she had with anot...

We can draw insight from Frankl’s writing on human suffering when our families go through periods of difficulty.


When families go through severe relationship difficulties (e.g. relationships with older, perhaps even adult, children or between spouses), it can be a trau...


Understanding the disparity between familiarity and intimacy can help to deepen our relationship with our family


Living with our family under one roof and observing them day in and day out, we might consider that we know our loved ones well, since we would be familiar...


In the development of your child’s self-esteem, are you like the marketplace crowd or the jeweller?


Once, a youth went to see a wise man, and said, “I have come seeking advice, for I am tormented by feelings of worthlessness. Everyone tells me that I am a failure and...

Somebody once told me: “Cheer up, things could be worse.” So I cheered up and, sure enough, things got worse. 


The end of the year is approaching. Are you grateful for all the things that came your way in 2015?


We usually count as our blessings the good things that hap...

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