Are you enjoying your family?

As this year comes to a close, we pause to reflect about these important people in our life.

Perhaps on your wedding day or when your child was born, you may have resolved to do everything in your power to give that person a happy life, to cherish and love unconditionally, etc. As the years pass on and you face the daily grind of life, perhaps you lost sight of your initial resolutions. Now, perhaps you even see them as a distraction or burden, taking you away from your work, your interests, etc.

Are you enjoying your family? If it is hard to answer this affirmatively, it is time for reflection.

  • Are your priorities clear? Work and salary is important. Pursuing your interests is good. But does it come at the expense of the people you love? Having priorities means that something of higher priority takes precedence over the lower one.

  • Life is short and transient. Do you want to make good use of your limited time to live a meaningful life? When your time is up, what do you want to be glad for? What do you want not to have regrets over?

  • Are you making choices based on your priorities and values? Are you choosing to nurture relationships with persons important to you, or are your present choices wasting your time and energy on what is ultimately unimportant?

  • Are you grateful for your family? There are persons who focus on what they don’t have, rather than on what they do have. When you talk to these persons about their family, you get a never-ending barrage of complaints about the faults and failings of the family members. Isn’t it so sad?

So, are you enjoying your family?

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