Vietnam Service Project



  1. Collect funds for school books; build up a library
  2. Distribute food to the families in the village
  3. Teach school children virtues through arts & crafts, English lessons, basic hygiene classes and games

Date: 14 – 25 July 2012
Location: Mekong Delta

Cost: Approx. S$900 (incl.flight & lodging)

Open to : University students and young professionals

Register by 30 April

The Family Enrichment Society (FES) was founded in 1998 by a group of concerned parents who share the common goal of enhancing the state of society by educating the society’s core unit which is the family. FES is a non-profit, private initiative that has been officially registered with the Registry of Societies on 3 April 1998 (with Registration No. ROS309/97 WEL).


Our mission statement is “to promote family values and the harmonious development of the relationship between the spouses and among parents, children and other components of the family unit.”


Building Loving and Lasting Families

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