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What do holidays teach your children?


Teaching your children to manage their time is teaching them life-skills that they will need as adults.


A common idea of holiday is to laze around, have no clear idea what to do or how to spend the time fruitfully.The end result could be that most of the day is wasted as the things that are done may not really be relaxing or refreshing. (Definition of recreation – activities that people do to relax, have fun and refresh their strength and spirit)

Do your children need to learn to use free time well?

Your children are more likely to squander their time if they do not have any goals for this holiday period or if they do not have any daily plan for what to do each day. Can you discuss with them some goals for this period or some daily or weekly activities to undertake?

The holiday period will pass quickly. Teaching your children to set (short-term) goals and to manage their time to achieve these is teaching them a life-skill that they will need as adults. Your children may look at you blankly when you suggest goals and daily timetables for their holiday. How can you prepare yourself for this discussion?

John Ooi is a father of six children. He writes regularly at It takes a Village to Raise a Child e-newsletter. Article is reproduced with permission.

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