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Family Education Program (F.E.P.)


The new F.E.P. is an updated version of the original one-year parenting programme, The FEP, which was started in Singapore in September 2000.


The new FEP began its implementation in 2011 and now consists of 3-month long modules, allowing parents greater flexibility and choice. The FEP retains its essential and unique core element of personal action plans which parents formulate for their own children, in alignment with the philosophy of parents being the primary educators of their children. The present programme is targetted at parents and educators handling children from birth to 12 years of age.


The FEP is a flexible, modular program. Each 3-month long module entails reading books written by pedagogical and educational experts on topics covering new educational techniques and formulating Action Plans. Parents can elect to do any or all of the modules without any specific sequence to the modules.


Within each module, participant parents learn to devise and put personal action plans into practice. These entail helping children to develop virtues and good habits to become responsible persons of character and inner strength. Meetings are held once a month for participants to discuss their thoughts and experiences, based on personally drawn-up action plans. Both husband and wife are strongly encouraged to participate. Every participant/couple will be guided by a personal advisor for the entire programme.


There are currently 3 modules offered in the Program:


Module 1: Training The Will

In a world where naming any behaviour right and wrong is archaic and politically incorrect, do you want your child to own your family values? And to do so with full freedom, even into adulthood?
If you are keen on virtues education, this module is for you.


The only program of its kind in Singapore. It will increase your awareness of the sensitive periods,   the 3 levels of motivation of children towards acquiring virtues, and training of your child's will towards freely making choices that bring them happiness. Participants will be trained to be conscious of the elements of educating children well, an example of which is being pre-emptive: to form good habits early on, eg, orderliness and generosity.


Most importantly, you will carry out personalized action plans with each child, such that you will see the teaching points take shape in the behaviour of the child. An advisor is always a call or sms away to hold your hand as much as needed, so that these action plans yield the desired results.


Module 2: How To Talk So Kids Will Listen And Listen So Kids Will Talk

In a noisy world, do you fight to get your child to listen and obey when you speak? Want to correct your child's behaviour while still maintaing a close loving relationship? If communication is a challenge and you want to turn it into your strength, this module is for you.


Learn innovative ways to cope with your child's negative feelings, to express your anger without
being hurtful, to set firm limits and still maintain goodwill, to use alternatives to punishment, to resolve family conflicts easily and to use alternatives to 'No'.


The 'How to Talk' module prepares parents to communicate powerfully and effectively. You will carry out action plans with each of the techniques learnt, and personally witness the effects in your children. At group meetings, you will share and learn the action plans of the other parents. By the end of the module, the skills become almost second nature, due to the methodologies used in all FEP modules.


Module 3: Parenting Leadership

In a confused world, do you see your young child entering her teen years secure and happy?Want him to be resilient against peer pressure? For fathers: would you like to mould key aspects of your child's character, that only you - not your wife - can? If you want to lead your child, as a couple, into being a self-assured, happy and mature adult, this module covers three critical aspects of parenting:

a. Preparing for Adolescence
b. Preparing for Peer Pressure
c. Successful Fatherhood

The 'Parenting Leadership' module guides parents to take action against future challenges, while their children are still young. As with the other modules, couples carry out action plans on their children - now - with a view to managing adolescence and social pressures. This module provides a boost to remind fathers of their subtle yet powerful role in raising children with the X factors known as leadership qualities, spirit of service and a grounded wisdom.


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