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Dads Matter


Dads Matter was an initiative launched by the Family Enrichment Society in 2020. Together with Fatherhood expert, J. Michael Hall, two seasons of zoom webinars were conducted on a wide range of topics aimed to educate and inspire parents, particularly fathers, on how to raise their children and build happy, resilient families. 


About the Speaker:

As the founder of “Strong Fathers, Strong Families”, J Michael Hall has worked with over 200,000 fathers and professionals in the U.S, as well as in men’s ministries and other countries. He was honoured by President Obama as a 2012 White House Fatherhood Champion of Change and has also spoken in numerous media avenues including Tedx.

Dads Matter - Season 1

Click on the links below to view some of the highlights.

Episode 1: Don't Just Survive, Thrive During the Circuit Breaker​


Highlights 1: About Being a Man. (S1 E1 05)

Dads, let's talk about being a Man and the power that you bring to the table


Highlights 2: Is there a Difference Between Being a Father and Man? (S1 E1 08)

Should fatherhood be more or less masculine? Mike Hall explains that when we bring a non-masculine aspect as a dad, kids don’t respond well and we shouldn’t put the negative on the masculine side of fatherhood



Episode 2: Freedom and Discipline: How to Parent Safely & Sanely!​


Highlights 1: What Should They Do vs What Can They Do (S1 E2  03)

Disciplining our child correctly means knowing the difference between what our kids SHOULD do and what they CAN do. Don't make them do something they're just not capable of.


Highlights 2: Who is the Parent - Being the Authority, not the Authoritarian. (S1 E2 05)

Who is the parent here? Who is in control - the parent or the child? It is about being the authority but not being authoritarian.



Episode 3: Dads Matter in a Child’s Education: How Dads Teach Differently and Why it Matters!​


Highlights 1: Dad's Impact on How Kids Deal with Stress & Frustration (S1 E3 01)

Dads are less likely to "rescue" - they let kids deal with more frustration than Mum. Find out how this helps them deal with stress better. "If you clear the path for them, then there's no learning going on." - Mike Hall.      


Highlights 2: Dads Impact on Child's Verbal Skills (S1 E3 06)

Dads speak differently with their kids then mums. And this has a positive impact on their vocabulary and verbal skills.



Episode 4: Parenting Together Mom or Dad, Whose Way is Better?​

Highlights 1: Dads help their kids launch into the world (S1 E4 04)

"Mothers bring children into the world, but fathers take children to the mountains to show them the world they will inherit!"(Native American Proverb)


Highlights 2: Mum and Dad's Differing Perspectives (S1 E4 07)

Dad and Mum have different perspectives, but remember, it’s two perspectives of the same thing



Episode 5: Smells like Teen Spirit: Have they lost their brains or have you lost your mind?​


Highlights 1: Dads and Teens - Developmental Storms (S1 E5 02)

Learn what development for a teen is really like. It's certainly not straightforward.                       


Highlights 2: Dads and Teens - Setting Boundaries (S1 E5 03)

Your biggest job as a dad is to be the boundary for your teen. Set it then hold fast. Listen to Mike elaborate on how exactly to set that boundary.


Dads Matter - Season 2

Episode 1: Co-Parenting: Combining the Best of Mum and Dad’s Way


Episode 2: How Do We Help Kids Find Their Way Through the Ages and Stages?


Episode 3: Developing a Vision for Your Child -  Challenges and Opportunities


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