If you loved Discipline and Development from Season 1, this is the much awaited follow up session. Mike will also deal with that difficult topic of what to do when dads make a mistake, drop the ball and then lose it? Finally, start the year right with some parenting resolutions for 2021!


This is the second episode of Dads Matter Season 2 Zoom conferences brought to you by the Family Enrichment Society. So, we really hope you can join us LIVE on Thursday as Mike opens the floor at the end and answers the parenting questions you’ve always wanted to ask.

Many parents don’t stop to do this and don’t even know where to begin. Let Mike take you through the challenges and opportunities for developing this vision. He’ll also speak on how to nurture kids that speak their minds without losing yours. He’ll make you think hard about whether you’re raising a progeny, a project or a prop? End off with some solid parenting resolutions for 2021!

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In recent decades fathers have become both an “optional extra” for single-mother households and the “essential second parent” in middle-class families where the mother is in the workforce.

So why have today’s young people become more narcissistic? According to research, the decrease in young people’s levels of empathy is partly the result of changes in parenting styles that came about in the 1980s.

Parenting is inherently hard work.  What are practical principles of parenting that can guide us in the demanding but rewarding work of raising children of character?

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The H.E.A.R.T. Program is a secular, educational program which focuses on character formation of preteens and teens. It is a flexible, modular programme addressing the major issues of the adolescent years, including adolescent sexuality. 

This programme is targeted at parents and educators handling children from 2 to 12 years of age. It is designed to form parents as primary educators of their children.

IFFD courses are designed to suit the different stages of child development. All courses are structured on the participant-based case study method and use cases involving real situations.

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