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Our Philosophy

FES adheres to the belief that the family is the fundamental school of human values and social virtues. It is where parents play the role of primary educators, forming children in truth through words and good example. It is in the family where children learn to dialogue, understand and respect other people’s points of view. In the family, children first learn to yield their opinion when truth demands it; thus, learning how to be helpful and caring for others.


The family is the place where children are gradually taught to exercise and develop their freedom with personal responsibility. Consequently, this approach brings stability and solidarity to families living in society. Ultimately, it contributes to making society more cohesive.


FES adopts the slogan “Building Loving & Lasting Families”. Its philosophy is best summarized in the following statements:

  • “Strong families are based on solid character formation of individuals.”

  • “The family is the original cell of social life and family life is an initiation into life in society.”

  • “A healthy robust family is where members have a strong sense of social responsibility in helping their peers strengthen family ties.”

Our Objectives






To promote family values and key components of the family unit such as the harmonious development of the relationship between spouses and among parents and children.

To foster and promote integral and wholesome family life through educational means such as seminars, conferences, courses and workshops.


To provide education and formation on the principles, techniques and practices on effective development and upbringing of children.


To conduct research, surveys and similar programmes with the aim of studying and analyzing the varied and distinct aspects and dimensions of family life, child upbringing and education in Singapore and in other countries.


To promote the balanced human and personal development of the youth through supplementary courses and activities that help families promote initiatives for the sound upbringing of children.

To promote and facilitate inter-country exchange of observation groups and aid professionals undertaking similar research and development programmes.

To publish materials on the sciences related to child upbringing and making these materials available to parents, educators and other groups.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and find out how you can make a difference.

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