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Corrinne Foo

Executive Director

Corrinne who is also known by her professional singer-songwriter name ‘Corrinne May’, is most happy with her other name ‘Claire’s mom’. She has worn that title with joy for the past 14 years and has added ‘Homeschooling Teacher and Mother’ to her list of credentials for the past 5 years. She has also been married to Kavin Hoo, her musician husband for 20 years.


After graduating from the National University of Singapore with majors in English Literature and Mass Communication, Corrinne earned her degree in Music at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA, and spent the next 24 years living in Los Angeles, CA to forge her music career. 


Corrinne thus brings her global perspective to her songwriting and also to her keen observations on life. She is a lover of good stories, good tea and good songs. She is also a passionate advocate for family and pro-life issues and is excited about sharing FES’s carefully-curated programmes and activities towards building up communities and helping more and more families find joy in growing stronger in love so as to withstand all of life’s challenges.

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